Dear SharkSafe Barrier supporter, 

We are extremely sorry for the long period of silence, but excited to announce that we will be communicating with you all more regularly from now on, with a quarterly newsletter filled with the latest SharkSafe Barrier updates and any important shark related news. 

So, buckle up and enjoy. 

How you can support us?

SharkSafe Barrier is happy to share with you all that there are several ways in which you can now support us, besides raising awareness.

We have established a close collaboration with a South African non-for-profit organization that is keen to raise tax deductible donations to support our conservation effort.

The Shark Conservation and Research (SCAR) Trust mission is to be active in shark conservation and training and the provision of scholarships to advance shark conservation.

SCAR is a registered Non for profit trust (

The donations are tax deductible in terms of and subject to limitations prescribed in section 18A of the Income Tax Act (only applicable for South African tax payers). Any funds received will be used for covering the expenses of shark-conservation talks, improve the research effort and increase the public outreach. If you are keen to donate to the SCAR Trust to support us, you can send a EFT to:

Acc name: SCAR TRUST

Bank: First National Bank

Acc nr: 63040292061

Branch: 200610


Reference: Sharksafe donation

SharkSafe Barrier can be further be supported by purchasing one of our t-shirts and caps available for sale on our website. Our t-shirts are available in blue and pink mélange, in a variety of sizes and in both a woman’s and men’s cut.

But the newest addition to our website are marine life photographs taken by Dr. Sara Andreotti during her years of field work with white sharks in South Africa. They showcase some of the breathtaking marine biodiversity we are blessed with on our South African coastline, and they are a reminder of what we are fighting for.

These HQ images can be downloaded directly from the website, where they can then be printed, framed and added to any collection. Any profits made from selling these items and any donation received go towards research for improving the SharkSafe Barrier design.

For purchasing already printed, framed and signed photographs send us an email at

SharkSafe Barrier, Sara Andreotti travels to Monaco

Dr. Sara Andreotti, one of SharkSafe Barriers founding directors, was invited by the Prince Albert II Foundation to attend the Monaco Ocean Week in March 2023. Dr. Andreotti participated in an Innovation Panel, which promoted our sustainable solution for protecting both humans and sharks in oceans. We were thrilled to have Dr. Sara Andreotti representing the company. SharkSafe Barrier is excited to see the positive impact that the newly announced ReOcean Fund launched by the Prince Albert II Monaco Foundation and the Monaco Asset Management will have on our oceans. The aim of this new private equity fund is to support the growth of innovative businesses that seek to reduce the main sources of pollution in our oceans, protect ecosystems and the critical services they provide, transform the way in which we produce food and travel across oceans and lastly to inform and equip ocean stakeholders with transparent and robust data.

New Caledonia resorts to shark culling due to an increased number of sharks accidents

While shark accidents are rare, they have a profound effect on local communities, marine recreation-based economies and marine biodiversity. We are devasted to hear that after three serious accidents in New Caledonia, the Nouméa municipality has launched a campaign to cull bull and tiger sharks buy fishing them out using longlines. We understand the concern for public safety but, killing these wonderful creatures is not the answer, especially when non-lethal alternatives do exist. Sharks are vital to our oceans and play an important role in maintaining balanced marine ecosystems. Control measures, such as culling are a direct threat to conservation efforts and endangered species.

Released July 2023.