Episode 1 – Jersey Shore Attacks

Up until around a century ago, people didn’t know about sharks and how dangerous they could be. That all changed in July 1916.

Episode 2 – Black December

In December 1957, nine people were attacked by sharks along the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The government had a unique approach to stopping the carnage… but did it work? 

Episode 3 – The “Deadliest Shark Attack in History”

In 1945 – during WWII – the USS Indianapolis was sent on a top-secret mission, with over 800 soldiers on board. Only 320 survived

Episode 4 – Sole Survivor

Three people set out for a fishing expedition in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in 1983. Only one of them would return.

Episode 5 – Deep Dive

In 1972, three divers faced a harrowing experience when one of them was attacked by oceanic whitetip sharks, while diving to the depths of the Caribbean.

Episode 6 – Two Surfers

In 1994, two friends went surfing at Nahoon beach in South Africa… but there was a Great White shark there too.