Hello, we thought you might be happy to hear some of our latest news!

We are thrilled to share the news that SharkSafe Barrier has received a $250 000 investment from Conservation Internationals CI Ventures (CIV). An Investment like this will support global shark conservation and facilitate the transition to a peaceful coexistence in areas where shark-human conflict has harmed communities, economies and ecosystems.

CI Ventures is an investment fund that provides loans to small- and medium- sized businesses that operate in forests, oceans and grasslands who are committed to practices that simultaneously benefit human-well-being and ecosystems. Through these efforts, CIV intends to protect and restore 500, 000 million hectares of land and sea while supporting 60,000 livelihoods around the world. You can learn more about the work CIV is doing here.

While rare, shark accidents and the embedded fear of them, have profound effects on local communities, marine recreations-based economies and marine biodiversity. For areas relying heavily on ocean recreation revenue, shark accidents can have extreme, adverse effects on local economies. In an effort to address public safety and protect local tourism economies, beaches globally have resorted to methods that are often ineffective, costly and environmentally damaging: shark nets and drumlines. These destructive control measures are a direct threat to conservation efforts and threatened species.

This new partnership between SharkSafe Barrier and CIV will not only support pilot projects focused on improving our technology, so that it can ultimately be installed everywhere it is needed, it also provides an opportunity for SharkSafe Barrier to tap into the CIV’s global network of like-minded organisations, accelerating our chances in bringing our technology to the world.

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 Thank you for your ongoing support.


The SharkSafe BarrierTeam!