October & November SharkSafe News 2020

So, here is the news for October and November, with a special December edition that will be coming soon! • The SharkSafe Barrier awarded the Sustainability Label from the Solar Impulse Foundation • Webinar: Building the Blue Recovery • SharkSafe BarrierTM in the media • SharkSafe Barrier will be present at the Biom’expo 2020in Paris “How...

September SharkSafe News 2020

September was busy! Check the latest news! Webinar presented by Stellenbosch University International and OceanHub AfricaEnvoy Cull AnnouncementNew Photos from ReunionLearn to Sea Initiative V&A Waterfront Click to read the newsletter

August SharkSafe News 2020

Hello! We are already in August! It is Shark Week!What happened this month? We made the headline in The GuardianWe won the NSTF/South32’s Lewis Foundation Green Economy award!The SSB Units in St Paul (Reunion) are still doing fine despite a record breaking storm!SharkSafe Barrier has been selected as one of the start-ups of the...

July SharkSafe News 2020

Hope this is finding you in good spirit! If not… here are some good shark news to brighten your day! No shark nets in South Africa during lockdownThe SharkSafe Barrier is officially among the 6 finalists of the prestigious NSFT South32 Awards!We could inspect the two SharkSafe Barrier Units in GlencairnWe have an on-line shop! Click to read the...

June SharkSafe News 2020

I am writing to keep you in the loop of the progress of the SharkSafe Barrier and send you some exciting news about our mission! Click to read the newsletter


Magnet barriers could save sharks

Magnet barriers could save sharks

Sarah Wild 16 May 2014 00:00 Every beat of your heart could attract a shark. It starts with an electrical impulse, which sets off a cascade of activity in the relatively small muscle that keeps you alive. That electric current goes hand in hand with a magnetic...

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Magnets Help Keep Sharks Out of Fish Traps

Magnets Help Keep Sharks Out of Fish Traps

Adding cheap magnets to the traps reduced shark and ray bycatch by a third and increased fish hauls by just as much, according to a new study Sharks are having a rough go of it. It’s estimated that humans kill 100 million sharks of all species each year, many hunted...

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It is our mission to replace shark-cull with SharkSafe BarrierTM  installations, and

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