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Michael Rutzen is a white shark behaviour specialist with more than 20 years of experience at sea. He is one of the four inventors of Sharksafe and the mind behind the utilization of a visual barrier resembling kelp to deter large predatory sharks. Mike is internationally renewed for his documentaries where he dives out of the cage with white sharks for conservation purposes. Besides the conservation effort Mike has been supervising the field work of numerous research projects in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa and the University of Stellenbosch.

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It is our mission for the SharkSafe BarrierTM  to be deployed worldwide in all areas currently facing the threat of shark attacks.  

We hope to see our innovation moving the world into a greener direction.

SharkSafe Barrier Bottom-up Movement

We realized that local governments are very reluctant to invest public funds on new technologies, no matter how tested they are, so we decided to make our mission everyone’s mission.

We realized that this is no longer a work that can be achieved by a handful of passionate scientists and conservationists, and it must become a global plea to stop the unjustifiable cull of marine life by shark nets and drumlines.