Principal Investigator
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Craig O’Connell is a marine biologist, one of the four inventors of Sharksafe, and the mind behind the utilization of ceramic magnets to deter large predatory sharks. He earned his PhD from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (2013) and is the PI of the scientific tests performed on Sharksafe. When he is not writing, there is no telling where you will find Craig. Sometimes it is in the middle of South American tropical rainforests, or diving with great white sharks in South Africa. Either way, Craig has travelled the world and through his travels has learned a substantial amount about animal behaviour and conservation. Through these experiences, he has enlightened the minds of many through his teachings to both K-12 and undergraduate students.

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It is our mission to replace shark-cull with SharkSafe BarrierTM  installations, and

to promote a more peaceful and sustainable coexistence 

between humans and sharks.